Sacred Geometry, the bridge between creation and science, has been found in ancient art, religious imagery, as well as architecture all over the world. The Flower of Life is a pattern of circles perfectly overlaying one another to create a hexagonal image filled with delicate six petaled flowers. Though the design itself is simple, the amount of information that has been found to fit within it is extraordinary.


I create paintings to be cut into designs I make from this Flower of Life. I connect different points of contact within the image to design my own geometric pattern. Each design is unique and fully composed before I paint. The Flower of Life has been referred to as the building block of all life. The geometries and math that relate back to this image are repeated within all living things, and referenced in art, biology, ancient architecture and many spiritual traditions. Specifically, the golden ratio, or divine proportion, measurements that in themselves fit within the Flower, is what connects each and every living being in the known universe. These geometries are embedded in our consciousness and holds our spirit. When I remove the straight edged borders I remove the traditional frame that contains a subject, so like spirit, it is free to react within a space. The paintings I create are images of our natural world that I choose to fit with the geometric design I previously formed. I am portraying something that is unseen to the naked eye. Though we know these divine proportions are there, we do not see them regularly, so instead of having the geometry hidden within life, I hide life within the geometry.


I create these paintings with the intention of “destroying” them. Like Buddhist monks create intricate mandalas to just be wiped away, I am making these paintings to then cut into them. By doing this I am playing with the idea of permanence and reward. Most human beings want to hold onto what they have made because they are proud of the accomplishment, but when I’m cutting into the painting I am risking the entire work being ruined.


The process of creating these works is very meditative. The act of painting and cutting quiets the mind and brings me into the present moment. The process becomes a huge part of the piece simply because sacred geometry relates right to our consciousness and the vibrations we give out into the universe. It is used a lot within meditative practices on knowing and becoming one with the world around us. By using this tool, I open my own eyes up and hopefully open the eyes of those who are not aware of Sacred Geometry, therefore starting a conversation between viewers. I want them to ask what Sacred Geometry is and look into it themselves and dive into all the theories and beautiful sciences that coincide with it all.


Kaitlyn, of Luna Valoria, is a fine artist from the Philadelphia suburbs. Born on January 19th, 1994, she took an interest in art early in life.  She graduated from Moravian College in 2016 with a BA in Studio Art. 

She has shown in a solo exhibit at The Banana Factory, and a group exhibition at Priscilla Payne Hurd Gallery in Bethlehem, PA.  As well as at the Alternative Gallery in Allentown, PA. She has also shown a few select works in shows at Moravian during her time there, winning 3 awards for three consecutive years for work shown in the “Annual Womens Show” at H. Paty Effie Gallery.